Blackjack Card Counter

Counting Cards

Blackjack Card Counter

Counting Cards

“Stan” the Anonymous Blackjack Card Counter: Counting Cards

Counting Cards

Due to the controversial nature of the interview subject’s practices as an advantage player, he will be referred to in the interview as “Stan.”

This episode discusses the following topics:

  • Background of Stan and how he came to realize his talent at card counting (6:00)
  • Whether Stan plays single or double-deck Blackjack (8:00)
  • Avoiding distractions while playing and the advantages of fast dealers (10:00)
  • Stan’s transition from gambling for fun to gambling as a career after having some health problems (12:00)
  • Shifting the advantage from the house to the player and being backed off at some tables after wins (13:00)
  • Card counting not being illegal technically, and the fact that advantage players can’t be arrested (14:00)
  • What happens when a card counter is caught by the casino (15:00)
  • Dummy bets and what types of tables card counters prefer to play at (17:00)
  • Avoiding identity detection and how much money Stan uses to enter games (18:00)
  • The average stay time at the table to flip the advantage (19:00)
  • The most amount of money Stan has lost in a single session and the most he’s ever won (20:00)
  • Underground networks of card counters and whether advantage players recognize each other at times (21:00)
  • Whether Stan takes insurance when he plays blackjack(24:00)
  • Other games he plays and whether slot machines can be played by advantage players (26:00)
  • Taking advantage of casino promotions (27:00)
  • Cooling off periods after being backed off by casinos and Stan’s plans to gamble internationally (28:00)
  • “Operators don’t need to take it so personally. It’s just a business. If they don’t want us to play, they can just tell us to leave” (30:00)
  • Run-ins with casino security guards and losing tempers (31:00)
  • Stan’s experience with video poker (32:00)
  • Utilizing disguises to play at casinos and the advantages of masks during the pandemic (33:00)
  • Differences in treatment between tribal casinos and state-run casinos (35:00)
  • How often Stan goes to casinos in a typical week and how often casinos key in on him (36:00)
  • Discussion of favorite games to play for fun (37:00)
  • Interactions with Youtubers and swaying people away from doing stupid things while playing (39:00)
  • How long Stan plans on being an advantage player (42:00)
  • Sloppy dealer play and misconceptions that all casino dealers are skilled at their job (43:00)
  • Gambler superstitions and whether Stan has any (45:00)
  • Offering Blackjack strategy advice to the hosts (48:00)
  • If Stan as a casino owner would allow card counters to play at his casino (49:00)
  • “I want everybody to win and take as much money from the evil empire as they can” (51:00)
  • Parting advice for the average gamblers and not spending more than you’re willing to lose (51:00)
Quote from “Stan” the Anonymous Blackjack Card Counter

“Operators don’t need to take it so personally. It’s just a business. If they don’t want us to play, they can just tell us to leave”

“I want everybody to win and take as much money from the evil empire as they can”

— “Stan” the Anonymous Blackjack Card Counter

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