Nasim Binesh

Robot Takeover

Nasim Binesh

Robot Takeover

Nasim Binesh, Ph.D. in Hospitality Administration at UNLV: Robot Takeover

Robot Takeover

Nasim Binesh is an Iranian Ph.D. graduate from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas in Hospitality Administration and Management. Her research interests are revenue management, game theory, robots, and AI in hospitality. Prior to attending UNLV, she received an MBA from Multimedia University in Malaysia and a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics from Ferdowsi University in Iran.

This episode discusses the following topics:

  • Background about Nasim reaching out to the show via LinkedIn and this being her first podcast (9:00)
  • Nasim’s cultural background and being in Iran during the pandemic (11:00)
  • Discussion about some of the robot-related projects she’s working on at UNLV (13:00)
  • Connections with a former guest on the show Dr. Robert Rippee at UNLV (16:00)
  • Working at Black Fire Innovation Hub with Dr. Rippee (18:00)
  • How a specific humanoid-style robot can be utilized by concierge services (20:00)
  • Possible advantages of dealing with humans rather than robots at the front desk (23:00)
  • Why a humanoid robot is a better customer service option than a kiosk (25:00)
  • Capabilities of a robot to entertain customers while they wait (27:00)
  • Progress on robot technology and when more widespread use can be expected (28:00)
  • The price range of humanoid robots and leasing options (29:00)
  • Why hospitality is behind other aspects of the gaming industry in technological innovation (30:00)
  • How Nasim decided to pursue robot technology and her family background being exposed to computer engineering (32:00)
  • Having the opportunity to study Statistics at a prestigious Iranian university (33:00)
  • US connections through her father studying at Columbia University in New York City (35:00)
  • How robot technology can be used in sports betting (37:00)
  • Possibilities of utilizing robots in card games (40:00)
  • Nasim’s Ph.D. dissertation on price forecasting models (44:00)
  • Finishing the Ph.D. and what opportunities it can lead to in the job market (49:00)
  • “If you think about it, today we live in an era of big data. Everywhere, whatever we do, we’re generating data” (51:00)
  • Capabilities of the new Google Assistant technology and not being able to distinguish between bots and humans (54:00) 
  • Nasim’s desire to dive deeper into the gaming industry using her knowledge, skills, and research (55:00)
  • Gambling stories (57:00)
Quote from Nasim Binesh

“If you think about it, today we live in an era of big data. Everywhere, whatever we do, we’re generating data”

— Nasim Binesh

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