Kevin Sweet

Employee of the Month

Kevin Sweet

Employee of the Month

Kevin Sweet, Founder and CEO of Dulce Hospitality (Former VP of Slot Operations and Marketing for Cosmopolitan Las Vegas): Employee of the Month

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Kevin Sweet has over 15 years of luxury gaming experience from the Las Vegas Strip, South Florida, Macau and Singapore. He spent the last 7 years as the Vice President of Slot Marketing and Operations at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas-taking slot net win from 62 million dollars in 2014 to 234 million dollars in 2021. He’s currently the Founder and CEO of Dulce Hospitality.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a luxury resort and casino offering a decidedly different perspective from its commitment to integrating art into every experience to a world-renowned Restaurant Collection and distinct entertainment venues. Located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, its unique vertical multi-tower design offers spectacular views of the city.

This episode discusses the following topics:

  • The gaming industry bounce back in Las Vegas from the pandemic (8:00)
  • Contributing factors to the recovery of the gaming industry (9:00)
  • Demographic shifts to new and younger players in the casinos (11:00)
  • Cosmopolitan’s push to attract social media influencers to the casino and the positive aspects (13:00)
  • “The YouTube, streaming and influencer trends are only going to get bigger” (13:00)
  • “Social media influencers move the needle are almost like having a free host and free marketing publicity” (14:00)
  • After effects of influencers filming content in the casino (14:00)
  • Updated rules and regulations for filming certain games (17:00)
  • Utilizing social media influencers as an important way to connect brick and mortar casinos to the increasingly digital space of gaming (18:00)
  • Other methods that Cosmopolitan has used to achieve success in the gaming industry (21:00)
  • How Cosmopolitan has been able to lease out such a high amount of its floor space compared to other casinos (23:00)
  • The importance of being adaptive in maintaining a fresh feeling for customers entering the casino (25:00)
  • The increase of gaming in the digital space and additional states legalizing online gaming (26:00)
  • Downsides of having to wait for each American state to legalize online gaming rather than being able to legalize on a national level (27:00)
  • Tribal ownership groups entering the Las Vegas market (28:00)
  • Discussing traditional advertising such as billboards compared to the digital space of influencers (31:00)
  • Stock market hits and misses (32:00)
  • Developing a high quality food hall at Cosmopolitan and the decrease in traditional buffets (35:00)
  • Discussing social media trends in casinos (38:00)
Quote from Kevin Sweet

“The YouTube, streaming and influencer trends are only going to get bigger”

— Kevin Sweet
Quote from Kevin Sweet

“Social media influencers move the needle are almost like having a free host and free marketing publicity”

— Kevin Sweet

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