Dan Schrementi

Sausage King

Dan Schrementi

Sausage King

Dan Schrementi, President of Gaming at Incredible Technologies: Sausage King

Sausage King

As President of Gaming for Incredible Technologies (IT), Dan Schrementi oversees the company’s Gaming Division, including product development, market strategy, sales, service, and staffing. Dan received his B.S. in Marketing from Illinois State University and his M.B.A. from Northern Illinois University.

Incredible Technologies, Inc. (IT) specializes in designing and developing entertainment hardware and software for the casino gaming and on-premise amusement industries. Located in the Chicago suburb of Vernon Hills, IL, with a secondary location in Las Vegas, NV, the company has over 250 employees, including designers, programmers, artists, animators, audio engineers, service technicians, production, sales, and support personnel.

This episode discusses the following topics:

  • Dan’s background and IT’s most famous game Golden Tee (9:00)
  • The sales cycles of Golden Tee and how the company updates the hardware for the game (11:00)
  • How Dan made the jump from the arcade side to the gaming side of IT (14:00)
  • “If you love what you do and you like the games, the job is easy” (15:00)
  • Whether Dan misses the arcade side of his background (16:00)
  • The benefits of the tight-knit work culture of IT (17:00)
  • Dan’s skill level as a Golden Tee player and whether his skills have diminished over time (18:00)
  • Discussing the durability of Golden Tee and the popularity of Vegas-based player tournaments (19:00)
  • The highest reward any player has won in a Golden Tee tournament (21:00)
  • Experiences in products and sales at IT (23:00)
  • How IT can compete with much larger competitors in the gaming industry and the development process of its games (24:00)
  • Challenges as a small company in developing games during the pandemic (29:00)
  • IT’s experiences in the online gaming space (30:00)
  • The company’s recent move into electronic table games (ETG) (33:00)
  • Comparisons of IT offices between Chicago and Las Vegas (37:00)
  • The state of sales cycles coming out of the pandemic (39:00)
  • Discussing the company’s avoidance of being fast followers of other games (42:00)
  • Challenges of his newer role as President compared to earlier sales roles (45:00)
  • “I find the most validation when you can connect with an employee or customer and make their life just a little better” (47:00)
  • Dan’s family background making sausage with his grandfather, how he became the “Sausage King” and raising money for charity (49:00)
  • Gambling stories(55:00)
Quote from Dan Schrementi

“If you love what you do and you like the games, the job is easy”

— Dan Schrementi
Quote from Dan Schrementi

“I find the most validation when you can connect with an employee or customer and make their life just a little better”

— Dan Schrementi

More about Incredible Technologies and its vision (from their website)

Since our humble beginning in 1985 and throughout the following decades of challenge, growth, and success, one vision has continued to inspire us – it’s all about the game. Whether we were writing lines of code for pinball games, animating bulky pixels in the 80s, making our mark on popular culture with hits like Golden Tee® Golf, or taking a leap of faith by entering the casino gaming market – IT was always all about the game.

Our players may have changed over the years, but our vision has not, and our continued commitment to innovation is a testament to that fact. Every single game, cabinet, and piece of hardware is an extension of the dedicated people who create and stand behind them. This is our incredible vision.

Incredible Technologies is a privately held, certified Women’s Business Enterprise with membership in the National Indian Gaming Association, Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers, Amusement Machine Operators Association, and American Amusement Machine Association.

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