Two gambling enthusiasts, with a passion for all things gambling.

The gaming industry is filled with amazing people and amazing stories. MaxBet Media introduces gaming’s stories — and the business operations behind the bet!

Hosted by Mike McKiski & Landon Jones

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Our Story

Many years in the making, MaxBet Media was born in early 2020 after a wild night of drinking, high-stakes gambling, and late-night storytelling amongst good friends and gaming industry veterans Mike “Kiski” McKiski and Landon Jones. What Kiski and Lando realized while sitting in a rooftop hot tub at 3 a.m. on a Wednesday, was that epic gambling stories and industry changing business deals are happening around the world every single day.

Usually these stories do not live to see the light of day, but rather are only whispered about at late-night convention parties and gaming industry events… until now.

Mike McKiski & Landon Jones


MaxBet PodcastMaxBet PodcastMaxBet PodcastMaxBet Podcast

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